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To the delight of his many fans and followers,   R.L. reports that he is currently working on his 6th CD project.  ​An official launch date has not yet been determined, however it is planned to be released in Spring 2020.  CD title has been determined as well - "Coming BIG"  Blessed, Inspired, Genuine.


R.L. disclosed that there will be musical guests appearing on this project.  So stay tuned and get ready for the New Smooth headed your way

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New Music
R.L. Walker is Found Live Across The World

Over the years we have featured many great Saxophonists, R.L. Walker is an amazing musician who's captured the hearts of Smooth Jazz music fans right across America

Now as one of the most respected & loved Saxophonists, PhaseGlobalRadio.Com is delighted to present R.L Walker in his first Global Radio Special.

We find out about his musical career to date, the music influences in his career and much more - we also take a listen t some wonderful music R.L. Walker has released to date.

R.L. Walker is Found Live Across The World

Sat. 24 August - High Noon!

12pm, Eastern

Proudly Supported by PhaseGlobalRadio.Com

World's Coolest Music Global Radio!

R.L. Walker Releases New Single "Off The Corner"

Continuing to live up to his mantra '"Get Your Smooth On,"  R.L. Walker dynamically follows his self-titled 5th album with his irresistible, sultry and hypnotic new single, "Off The Corner."  The versatile  saxophonist delivers a gritty, inner-city Smooth Jazz tune featuring flirtatious rhythm and wah-guitars.  Helping with the rich sonic architecture  is producer Lew Laing, Jr.  who has also worked his studio magic for everyone from Paul Brown and Richard Elliot to Blake Aaron. "Off The Corner" is off the hook!

New Single
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